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A survivor of the great pumpkin migration of '04 and to this day having managed to avoid the gourd cartels of Southern Idaho, Cj came to us untrained, unsupervised, unhousebroken and unruly. To date 2 of the 4 issues have been resolved.


Julie BattleJulie K. Battle

Director of Client Relations/Sr. Copywriter

There are few roles Julie hasn’t held in the advertising agency business. Everything from copywriter, account executive, creative director, film director, agency owner and several she won’t admit to.

Greg BranchGreg Branch

Brand Strategist

When Greg started writing advertising, state-of-the-art meant sticks and clay tablets. He still hasn’t run out of new ways to say things.

Julie FosterJulie Foster

Marketing Communications Associate

While the majority of Julie’s experience is in the marketing and advertising field, she’s blundered her way through roles for which she felt extremely out of her element: makeup artist, costume designer and props master.

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